Amyl Nitrites and Sexual Behavior


  • David Tian En Cheng Willamette University, Oregon


Drugs, Inhalants, Sex, Homosexual


This paper looked into the abuse of inhalable nitrites, mainly amyl nitrites, commonly known by the street name of poppers. This paper compiled several studies of nitrite inhalant abuse and the risk associated with the sexual practices that may concur. The paper explores first, the history and true intentions of nitrite inhalants, then the increasing abuse mainly within the homosexual community, and the legitimacy of the link of nitrites and the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  Various studies discussed in the paper will show that there is no legitimate link between poppers increasing the chance of HIV/AIDS but it is the unsafe sexual practices that occur with poppers that lead to various sexually transmitted diseases. The dangers of inhalable nitrites come from legal loopholes, use with other drugs such as Viagra, and the nature of unsafe sexual practices mostly within the homosexual community.


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David Tian En Cheng, Willamette University, Oregon




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